Update 13

  • New explosion effects that match ships better.

  • Difficulty level now affects trading prices.

  • Fixed bug with being able to spend money you don’t have to upgrade warp engine.

  • Trading tax displayed in “More Information”.

  • Fixed bug with “Visit the Telvari” mission not working.

  • When using missile weapons on a ship with multiple weapon mounts, fire only one missile.

  • Options in start menu implemented.

  • Revamped movement in galaxy to be physics-based and smooth.

  • Display cargo capacity of ships in shop and hangar.

  • You can now own multiples of ships and equipment.


dark-system-alpha-windows.zip 552 MB
Version 26 Sep 24, 2017
dark-system-alpha-mac.zip 556 MB
Version 4 Sep 10, 2017
dark-system-alpha-linux.zip 563 MB
Version 4 Sep 11, 2017

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