Update 11

Note: Saves from older versions are incompatible with this version.

  • Vulcan weapon rebalanced.

  • Fixed UI for extremely high resolutions.

  • Difficulty levels added.

  • When you die, you now lose credits based off of the value of your ship and the difficulty level.

  • Cores and shields rebalanced. Core power and shield regeneration are now considered more important when calculating power level and price. All cores and shields shifted to have more power and shield regeneration relative to capacity so that high capacity cores and shields are more useful and don’t require you to wait for long periods for them to recharge.

  • Trading price information now restricted in areas of the galaxy you have not visited.

  • Instead of a few nebulas that are always in the same place, there are now more than a hundred randomly placed throughout the galaxy. Some of them look really cool!

  • Ships now have a sensor range, which determines how far you can zoom out in combat, and at what distance enemy ships will lock on and start firing. It is currently just proportional to the size of the ship.

  • Move speed on galaxy is now separate from ship engine speed. It is now based on warp engine speed, which is upgradable in the hangar.

  • Trading system improvements: Introduced ability to upgrade production and consumption rates of owned star systems, allowing you to manipulate the market. Added average price for buying and selling in bulk. Price recovery slowed down. High price systems are now just as common as low price systems. Map of trading prices now updated in real time. Icon colors changed to the more standard color scheme of red being lowest, instead of yellow. “More Information” button on star systems that allows you to see the star system’s resource production and consumption.


dark-system-alpha-linux-windowed.zip 534 MB
Version 1 Jul 30, 2017
dark-system-alpha-windows.zip 552 MB
Version 23 Aug 26, 2017
dark-system-alpha-linux-windowed.zip 534 MB
Version 1 Jul 30, 2017
dark-system-alpha-mac.zip 556 MB
Version 3 Jul 30, 2017
dark-system-alpha-linux.zip 563 MB
Version 3 Jul 30, 2017

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