Update 10

  • More story missions added.

  • Mission details and button to abandon mission added to Star Map.

  • Feedback Shield: High capacity shield that returns 20% of the damage taken back to the attacker.

  • Hardened Shield: High regeneration shield that reduces all incoming damage by a set amount.

  • Matrix Shield: Balanced shield that slows down nearby projectiles by 40% per second.

  • Engines rebalanced. Fast engines are now cheaper.

  • Temporal Engine: Powerful engine that has the ability to slow time by 50%, as well as increase the ship's speed and thrust.

  • Dash Engine: Extremely fast engine with very little thrust that has the ability to instantly accelerate your ship greatly.

  • SFX Changes. New explosions for Plasma weapons. Tweaked lighting for blaster and plasma projectiles.

  • Power level of independent systems is now dependent on the power level of nearby factions, instead of distance from starting area.

  • Star system defense missions now increase the income of the system you defend.

  • Declining a mission from a star system will now give the star system a new mission.


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Version 21 Jul 30, 2017

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